About us Dreamsea, who we are and what we offer you?

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About Dreamsea surf camp

Dreamsea is not just a surf camps brand; it's a new Era in the surf camps world. We were born full of energy to offer you a great way of life, teaching one of the most amazing sports ever created.

Our approach to the surf world, especially focuses in surf camps as a new concept. We want to develop a great happy family with all the surf camp members, including you. In humanity we trust, and that's what makes us keep moving and working by looking to make of this world a better place, a peaceful and joyful world. Our objective is to create a broad multicultural and multilanguage environment where everyone can enjoy a different experience, in contact with nature while learning one of the most amazing sports, as a part of a healthy and balanced way of life.

Dare to enjoy this unique holiday. Immerse yourself in a great environment, enjoying sport, surf, beaches and parties with great people from all around the globe. You will never forget this amazing experience.

Let´s share our dreams. Dreamsea; Enjoy every second!