Philosophy The philosophy of our surf camps: sport, nature, youth.

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Dreamsea surf camps philosophy.

Our philosophy is to create a sustainable environment through the respect of nature, while encouraging the physical activity. We do believe in a healthy style of life, especially for the young people.

Nature surf camp philosophy

An active respect of the nature is one of the keys components of the Dreamsea surf camp philosophy, for this reason Dreamsea surf camp actively participates in cleaning beaches programs, collaborating with important NGO´s as "Surfrider foundation".

Recycling is also a key factor in Dreamsea Surf Camp, so we always separate and classify the wastes, in order to pay their contributions in respecting and saving the environment. We do also recycle the old and broken material, creating new furniture and objects out of it.

Physical activity surf camp philosophy

Dreamsea surf camp believes in a healthy and active life style. That’s why we see this water sport as an important way of getting exercise; we encourage the practice of sport and physical activities, especially in young people!

Also, in accordance to our philosophy of an active lifestyle, we do organise a lot of different activities complementing the surf, (beach volleyball tournaments, beach soccer, table tennis, mountain biking, etc...).

Youth surf camp philosophy

It is our dream that young people from all around the world could come to our surf camp to share experiences, culture and values, while enjoying a lifetime experience and the best holidays the could ever have.

Fun and good times are also an essential ingredient in the surf camp, as good young people they love to party and make some noise - all focused on fun!